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Thursday, August 26, 2010

I'm going to take a break from writing for a bit, so i'll be posting some video's and some of my vlogs from my youtube channel

We'll see how this goes.. hahaha

Vlog #3

Vlog #2 !@# hahaha

Vlog #1 My rants

Monday, August 16, 2010

Experiment (post 1)

Social Experiment No. 1

This experiment is to gather information on societies ignorance of what is considers “normal” and “not-normal”.

I myself am more comfortable wearing synthetic dreads, make up and dark clothing. Does society consider me a “normal” individual? No. Since I don’t meet societies standards of what is considered normal, I’ve taken it upon myself to conduct this experiment.

This experiment is more for the reaction of the everyday person.

My Father- Hates the fact that I wear dark clothes and put synthetic extensions in my hair. me wants me to have “normal” hair. but even when I don’t have them in. I’m still the same.

My Mother- Thinks that my extensions are cool, and believes that I should do what I want, and not care what others think

My Brother- Thinks that I’m weird

Random people ( that are way older)- they think that its really “neat” that I can walk around with my hair like this. Some of the older ladies I’ve met believe that, though they don’t understand why I do it, believe that its a right that we have to express are selves as individuals of are subculture.

However not a lot of the people I meet on the street are not that open minded. Blurting out things just to put us down.

others just stare. and some glare at me when I walk down the street.


Why are people so afraid of people like this? does the “gothic-punk” style offend people so much that they will take it upon themselves to ridicule and hurt people like this?

Sophie Lancaster didn’t harm anyone. She didn’t Judge anyone. She was just a girl so full of life. And yet she was killed because she was apart of the gothic subculture.

Will this happen to me? will this happen to other people that are like me?