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Thursday, October 20, 2011


Ok so I apparently thought that I would be able to write a blog and in my journal twice a week. Apparently NOT. I've been so busy with school work that I haven't had the time to write on my blogs or even make a video for my youtube channel. I did however manage to take a break from my school work and edit a FAQ video for youtube, but I still haven't had time to even record my sectional Double ended dread tutorial, and I want that one to go up next. I still have a lot of videos and dreads to make. I think after the sectional dread tutorial I'm going to make a storage video, and stuff like that. So far I had about 200 ish subscribers and thats AMAZING! and I'm really glad that people watch and actually like my videos. I mean, I act like an asshole is some of them but eh such is life. :P

School is going pretty well. As far as I know. I had painting crit on Wednesday and I think it went pretty good, I mean there is room for improvement and im open for that. But I can't get over how amazing my classmates are at painting, even the ones that have never painted before are amazing.

Hopefully I can post more often. I'm going to post a vlog soon eventually haha

Saturday, October 1, 2011


I like to think that I an be poetic. I can at least try right?
I was never one for the writing arts, and i never thought I would ever be interested in anything like that. I love to read. I find that writing comes easier when your free write too.

In are journals for class, I find myself censoring my thoughts. I don't know what im so afraid of. if someone reads it, who cares..

its just free writing. Its not like its gunna fuck up anyones ideals or anything like that.

I find that since i havent been that present with my blog that I'm going to use my journal as a draft. and write up my entries. I suppose that it will help. I find it working a bit. I've written down quite a lot. and its not scribble or just plain text on the page that has no idea what its talking about.

those these entries in my journal are 4 pages. I think that im just going to either sum then up or something. I haven't really decided what im going to do with it yet.

so hopefully these entries get longer. we can always hope aha