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Thursday, December 15, 2011


So I find myself just sitting in my apartment, in silence. Most of the time I just listen to music or watch movies. But for some reason today I found myself just sitting, on my couch...It was really quiet and relaxing. There was absolutely no stress. After a while I turned my tv on and watched some movies. But today was really quiet. Most of my friends in Halifax are going home for the holidays so I can expect to have more days like this. I was really angry before, but now I just don't care. It kinda sucks that I wont get to see my parents and my brother for christmas, but they said that they would try to come here for the holidays. But now both my parents can't find the time to take the trip down here. So I'm spending Christmas on my own. I'm not entirely alone, there are a couple people that are staying in Halifax and thats comforting in a way. It just pisses me off that Im suppose to be caring and understanding when my friends have problems and stuff, and when shit goes down for them I'm always there. But when it happens to me, know one cares and know one is there for me to talk to, and then they wonder why I get angry. I love my friends to death, but its that selfishness that pisses me off. even though I don't express my feelings entirely to them, they should at least know that I'm upset that I have to spend Christmas alone. And they should at least ask me if i'm alright with it. which I am but it still pisses me off that they don't care enough to ask. I'm always there when they need to talk. Uhg.