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Friday, April 15, 2011

Haven't posted in a long time, had quite a bit of stuff going on all at once. getting in touch with old friends, organizing stuff for university and getting courses and stuff for when I move.... makes me go a little crazy.

so far, my university experience has been quite terrible. to no fault but my own. seeing as some things that are online can CONFUSE the SHIT out of me lol thats pretty much my it was rather terrible. But all that frustration was resolved. Im still a little stressed out from the whole thing. I find actually calling to be a better choice than e-mail but I hate having to call and talk to people... lol so reluctantly e-mailing someone gets things done. Fast lol

I still have to get a few things for school. and find a place to live and pack shit up and move there.... but other than that im pretty close :]