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Sunday, November 21, 2010

This week didn't really start on a high note. Gizmo died last sunday, and was a big part of are family. She was the biggest fatty cat ever, Not like any of are other cats, which we all love. She was my brothers cat, and for some reason, all his pets seem to die on him. That sounds really Bad.. But in a way its true. Gizmo wasn't even 4 years old, and are cats and dogs tend to live really long and full lives. My cat Rambo is 14 now, and he still acts like a kitten. It hurts when a pet dies, but I know that when Rambo dies a part of me will die with him. Since he is my Baby in a way, I don't think that after Rambo is gone I would get another cat after him.

the Vet clinic that Gizmo was at sent up a card in the mail. We donated the money that was left over from her vet bill to the humane society in her name.

I'm sad that she is gone, we all are, but nothing lasts forever

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