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Saturday, February 5, 2011

I've had a cold for the past week.

Going to the doctor for a check up when you are sick isnt really a good idea. seeing as it can screw up numerous tests and what not. luckily nothing is wrong with me aside form my cold.

my heart is fine :D but my doctor recommended i get a check up every year or so and to loose some weight.. of course..


on another note, I'm only going to update my other blog( J gallery) when I get some work done. haha so I'm going to start doing some write ups about my work, painting by painting. and as it goes its almost like i have a couple series going on
like my black and white paintings, my fish paintings and my explosion jelly fish paintings

I showed my Doctor my paintings ( its a good idea to have pix's on your phone when your an artist :P ) and he said that my "riot" painting is like abstract realism, he also told me that my angler fish painting was awesome. but he loves deep sea diving and fish of all kinds, so he really enjoyed my work

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