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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I don't know what it is about me and stress. Its like, when I get stressed out, I can't function at all. I feel physically sick. For the past couple of weeks I've been ill. and that isn't good, how am I suppose to work when i'm sick?

and its not just the big things that stress me out, it's also the little things. It's like just talking to someone will set me off. which is one of the reasons why I've been avoiding some of my friends, I do love them to death, but sometimes I just can't handle it at all.

It doesn't help when I get pushed into things either. like now for instance, I 've just started talking to an old friend again, about 4 months ago and they are constantly complimenting me, and overly complementary people really get on my nerves because I don't know if I should even trust them at all ( I know that when someone complements you its suppose to be flattering, but when its all the time it gets exhausting and I don't like kiss asses ) but for me when someone is overly complimentary it sets me off to the point where I wont even bother asking for an opinion because I already know what your going to say. and something that really stresses me out, is when someone is really overly complimentary and then they act really insecure. it's like they don't trust me at all. and yet your trying to butter me up and make me like you more? wtf. how the fuck does that work? I myself only complement someone when they actually win my interest and its worth commenting on, I don't constantly say shit like "its beautiful" because thats not constructive at all. a comment like that should help you grow and not make you want to shoot yourself in the face.

and because of all that I'm getting overly stressed out. ugh

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